*********Welcome to my course on Federal Government Contracting!*********

With over 35 years in Federal Government contracting, I can help you navigate the minefield of regulations, myths and misinformation while giving you the tools to win your first contract, provided you have a quality product or service they need. And with a $500 Billion/year budget, they buy almost everything ($115 Billion of it from Small Business!)
Course consists of 6 Topics & 80 Downloadable Guides. Purchase complete course for $199, or individual Topics (see below) @ $49. Topic#1: Fed Procurement Overview & Registering in SAM.gov included with all purchases
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A Description of Each Topic (View Videos Below):
  • #1. Fed Procurement Overview and Register in SAM.gov for maximum exposure; Fed Acquisition Regs; Advanced Search Techniques for Opportunities matched to your Biz
  • #2. Get Certified: 8(a), HUBZone, Veteran Owned, Women Owned; Disadvantaged Biz Enterprise (DBE)
  • #3. Marketing to the Feds: Network Mktg (Face-to-Face, LinkedIn), Target Mktg (Agency, Local Military Base), Branding, Capabilities Statement, Elevator Pitch
  • #4. GSA for off-the-shelf-items: GSA Advantage, Multiple Award Schedules, GWACs, Blanket Purch Agreements
  • #5. Bidding: Prime vs Subbing vs Joint Venture, Bid/No Bid Checklist, Pricing Proposal: Avoid the mistake 90% of bidders make; How to write a winning Tech proposal
  • #6. a. Accounting for Gov Contractors; FAR & DCAA Regs, Audit Prep; b. Financials: Business Ratios, 10 ways to finance a biz, Cash Flow Mgmt, SBA Loan Guar Program; c. Bonding (Bid, Ancillary & Performance Bonds), Increase bond capacity with the SBA Bond Guaranty Program

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[Included with each Purchase] Topic #1: Fed Procurement Over- view & Register in SAM. Proper Registration is the First step to Success. ​Also Advanced Search Techniques for bid Opportunities -Includes 5 Download Guides

Topic #2: Get Certified for a Competitive Advantage includ- ing "Set-Aside" & "Sole Source" Contracts. DBE Cert helps win State Subcontracts under the 2021 Infrastructure & Jobs Act --Includes 18 Download Guides

Topic #3: Marketing to the Feds presents unique challenges. Network your way to success with my combination of old fashion "Shoe Leather" & the latest Social Media Techniques!
-Includes 19 Download Guides

Topic #4: GSA for off-the-shelf Items. Get your Products or Services Approved for GSA's Online Catalog Where Gov't Buyers can Order Them
-Includes 10 Download Guides
Topic #5: Bidding is where the Rubber Hits the Road. Learn 4 ways to bid a job; Avoid a Com- mon Pricing Error; A Good Tech- nical Prop can offset a High Price
-Includes 16 Download Guides
Topic #6: Accounting for Gov't Contractors Plus11 Ways to Fin- ance a Biz, incl SBA loans-Cash Flow Forecasting-Expand Bond Capacity w/SBA Guarantee Prog
-Includes 22 Download Guides

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